Organic Blended Topsoil *Made to Order*

Organic Blended Topsoil *Made to Order*

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Organic Blended Topsoil is a rich natural topsoil with slow releasing macro nutrients and trace minerals. Packed with added organic compost to improve structure and drainage, this quality topsoil will give your plants a nutrient boost and strong healthy growth.

Organic Topsoil Color:

Soil generally ranges from a tan to a brown color  There is a variation in color depending on the moisture content and what part of Columbus the soil comes from.

Organic Topsoil Shape/Size:

This soil is processed into a 1/4" bead shape and can sometimes have small chunks about the size of a softball that typically break up when forced.

Organic Topsoil Material:

90% processed topsoil and 10% organic material such as leaves, sands, and small bits of mulch.

Weight of Organic Topsoil :

1900 Pounds

Volume of one cubic yard of Organic Topsoil:

27 Cubic Feet


Organic Topsoil a basic topsoil with a small amount of added organic material.  This makes Organic Topsoil great for:

- Using to level an area in your yard
- Grading the soil away from your house to prevent water from collecting along the foundation of your home
- Building up a large area

Organic Topsoil is a generic topsoil that is essentially a bulk form of the soil you would find in your yard meaning it's very close to a pulverized clay with a small amount of organic material such as leaves, sand, and small chips of mulch.  This makes Organic Topsoil ideal for building up areas, leveling, and grading but it is not ideal for planting.  If you're looking for soil for planting, we suggest our Premium Topsoil!

If you need to level or build up an area, Organic Topsoil may be the best option.