Black Mulch, Black Dyed Hardwood

Black Mulch, Black Dyed Hardwood

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Dyed Black (Hardwood Mulch),Double-Shredded Hardwood Mulch that is dyed so the color will last longer than natural mulches. Last longer than natural bark mulches because it does not decompose as fast.

    • Material: Wood
    • Color Family: Black
  • Mulch Type: Shredded

Dyed Black Hardwood Mulch has a variety of benefits that will improve your flower and vegetable beds, while also boosting the aesthetic appeal of your landscape design. These benefits include:

- Controlling weeds
- Moisture retention
- Increased heat retention due to dyed black mulch.
- Protecting crops from soil borne diseases
- Allowing runoff of excess rainfall
- Slows plant decay
- Supplies organic material to the soil

The mulch retains its color nicely, and it stays in place, which helps landscaping to stay neat and attractive all year long.