Screened Topsoil

Screened Topsoil

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Screened Topsoil is the most popular soil when a lot of soil is needed.  It is great for sod or grass seed, building up low areas or can be mixed with compost or peat to enrich the soil for planting.  It can also be used for building berms.  We screen our own topsoil so that you know that it is pure and safe. Ask about our multiple triaxle discount...


Did you know? Topsoil is the material that makes the top two to eight inches of the earth’s surface. Comprised of mineral particles, organic matter, water, and air, topsoil is ideal for improving the condition and appearance of your lawn and garden. In fact, quality topsoil makes a dramatic difference in how your plants derive their nutrients from the ground, and is extremely important to healthy plant life. Without it, the earth’s plant life would disappear. In this post, read more about the different types of topsoil and find out the best type you can use for your yard.

Screened topsoil

Screened topsoil is good to use for making a base for a flower or vegetable garden, filling lawn areas, or planting trees or shrubs. Screened topsoil is usually suggested for working in areas that will be filled to 1 inch or more. Screened topsoil can be laid on top of the unscreened layer. It can be mixed with compost, manure, or peat to enrich the soil even more.

Screening the topsoil results in soil with particles of a consistent size. With consistently sized particles, the topsoil can provide better water flow and distribution of essential nutrients to your garden.

Different types of screened topsoil are available. You need to make sure you buy the correct type of soil for landscape project, or you will be simply wasting your time and money. Here are the most common types of screened topsoil:

Loamy Topsoil – Loamy topsoil consists of clay, sand, and silt in roughly equal amounts. It is used for common gardening applications, such as grass, vegetables, and flower gardens.

Sandy Topsoil – As the name suggests, this type of topsoil has more sand than is found in loamy topsoil. Sandy topsoil is best for plants that need better drainage than loamy topsoil.

Clay Topsoil – Clay topsoil contains more clay than other types of topsoil. It is used for gardens located in dry areas with limited rainfall and frequent drought conditions.